Sanctions Kill banner depicting countries currently facing U.S. sanctions

A statement from Sanctions Kill Coalition and Syria Support Movement:

After over a decade of war with U.S. and NATO-backed proxies, the Syrian people should have been poised to finally begin the costly process of rebuilding their country.  However, the draconian sanctions imposed on them by the United States have blocked the resources necessary to rebuild.

Now a terrible earthquake has claimed more than 6,000 lives in Syria, injured more, and left tens of thousands homeless in the dead of winter. They face freezing and wet conditions, without any alternative shelter, without any electricity, without any heating. Still, the U.S. has ordered a halt to any delivery of financial aid to the legitimate government of Syria. 

It is time for an international campaign to End the Sanctions on Syria.   Please sign our petition demanding that the sanctions on Syria end Immediately.

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