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SK Statement on Sanctions in Palestine: Real vs Fictional

In an attempt to create a perception of balanced policy, the Biden administration has imposed sanctions on four Israeli settlers and two organizations that raise funds for extremists in the West Bank.

This is a public relations attempt to distract from the reality of US collaboration in the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza and apartheid policies the West Bank. The sanctions only affect the personal transactions of some violent settlers who have robbed and brutalized their Palestinian neighbors in the West Bank for years. The Israeli state and military which supplies weapons and support to these settlers is unaffected.

These “faux sanctions” contrast with deadly US sanctions imposed on organizations which aid Palestinians. In 2007 the US imposed sanctions on “Hamas” to limit international aid for the people of Gaza, directly affecting public education, public health and all aspects of construction and manufacturing.  These sanctions were backed up by US threats to punish any entity anywhere who violated them.  Meanwhile Israel, which entirely controlled access to Gaza set strict limits on food and medical supplies and any other useful items going into Gaza.   In 2023, the US sanctioned 10 individual Hamas members who were responsible for Gaza’s international investment folder and currency exchange, severely undermining the economy and hurting the civilian population of Gaza.

On January 26 the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel may be committing the crime of genocide. Instead of immediately stopping the shipment of weapons and other military support to Israel, the US support has continued and Congress recently appropriated an extra $26 Billion for Israel.

Immediately upon South Africa’s presentation of their case against Israel, the US and their western allies found a pretext to stop funding UNRWA, a UN agency that operates the only efficient channel for bringing aid and relief to Palestinian refugees in Gaza.and beyond.

In recent weeks, Hamas accepted the proposed ceasefire deal. Instead of agreeing to end the genocide and allow return of Israel’s captured citizens, Israel launched its invasion of Rafah, the last remaining area of Gaza. Many hundreds of thousands of civilians are once again being displaced,with tens of thousands of sick or wounded and starving struggling, and others buried in the rubble of their homes or schools or hospitals.

In another example of subterfuge, in early May the Biden administration claimed they are “pausing” shipments of bombs to Israel but on May 15 it was revealed they are sending another $1 Billion in weapons.

The imposition of toothless sanctions on a few Israeli extremists is part of this duplicity.

We should not be fooled and should step up our demands the Biden administration end its complicity and collaboration in Israeli genocide.

*Featured Image: AhlulBayt News Agency


The SanctionsKill coalition condemns the Israeli genocide in Gaza.  We condemn the violent murder of innocent civilians.  We condemn the life-threatening pogrom of starvation imposed upon the people of Gaza, while they are subject to this horrific bombing campaign  and other military assaults. We condemn the incomprehensibly vicious assault on hospitals in Gaza.  Finally, we condemn all U.S. sanctions on the Palestinian people and the U.S. consistent support for Israel as it has committed crimes against humanity for 75 years, and now genocide against the Palestinian people.

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