Past Actions & Events

As the people of the world deal with this current situation, we express our utmost concern and solidarity. Nothing is more precious than life. We also applaud those that continue to use creative and innovative ways to continue efforts to expose and prevent the insidious use of US-sponsored sanctions in the midst of this crisis.  PLEASE LET US KNOW OF ACTIONS YOU KNOW OF (whether dealing with sanctions in general or related to a specific country). Send to: or see “List Action.” Scroll down for past actions.  (Also see January 25, 2020 No War on Iran actions in 20 countries & 210 cities) SOLIDARITY WITH ALL THOSE WORLDWIDE EXPRESSING OUTRAGE AT THE MURDER OF  GEORGE FLOYD AND BREONNA TAYLOR AND WHO ARE CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO.

Below are just a few of past actions/events/links as of June 2022. 

**PAST KEY ACTIONS (2020): Sign the Pledge.  Donate here. Sign the OPEN LETTER/PETITION. Watch the SK Webinar #2 (May 31, 2020):  YouTube : Speakers from Palestine, Yemen, North Korea, Venezuela, & Iran, and SK Webinar #1 (May 9,2020): with speakers from Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela: Facebook / Youtube.

***On-going Donate to the Kevin Zeese Emerging Activist Fund. Sponsored by Popular Resistance.

***URGENT: Take action to stop war on Russia.; Endorse/ Hold action/ Send info/ National  Rally Sat Feb 5, 2022 noon EST. Also see: 700 signers, 25+ actions, National Webinars

***Feb 3, 2022.…/register-now-feb-3rd-webinar…/ Register now! Feb 3rd Webinar with Camila Saab and special guest, Oscar López Rivera. ***Inauguration Press Conference: Nicaragua Meets US Sanctions. Wed Jan 12, 2022. Register here.

-December 8, 2021: Webinar: How Do We End United States Sanctions on Iran? Register Here.

-December 12, 2021: How Sanctions Adversely Affect Ethiopia and Eritrea, a webinar co-sponsored by EACC and the Sanctions Kill! Coalition. Register Here.

***Sept 12, 2021: North American Solidarity Activists Speak Out US SANCTIONS AFRICA AND LATIN AMERICA.  Watch: the Youtube  / Facebook. (see esp Report from Zimbabwe beginning @ min 26)

-June 15, 2021: Immediate action: Join the  Campaign to Free Alex Saab

-PRESS RELEASE: From Nicaragua Peace Delegation March 2021

-Statement from the International Delegation on the 2021 Syrian Presidential Election

-Feb 2021: Dec 12 Movement: Covid-19 Letter to Congressional Black Leadership

**URGENT: July 5, 2021: Continue the struggle to free Alex Saab

***April-May 2021: Sign the Statement/Letter Supporting the Syrian People and Condemning US Attacks on Syria and in the Middle East.

***April 8, 2021: Day of Action on Afghanistan. Facebook Event  //  Resources, suggested actions & more. Posted by BlackAlliance for Peace

***April 7,  2021: Webinar: Sanctions Kill: Nicaragua in the Era of US Sanctions. Register here. Rochester Committee on Latin America.

***March 28, 2021: Join the world caravan to end the U.S. blockade against Cuba. #unblockCuba2021. FaceBook (scroll down). Also: If you haven’t signed yet, add your signature to the petition for President Biden to lift the sanctions weighing on the Cuban family. We already passed 20k signatures and we’re going for more. Sign on

***March 2021: Join your voices together in a global call to urge the immediate freedom of imprisoned Palestinian students and the protection of Palestinian students’ right to education, right to political expression and involvement and right to determine their own futures.

***March 27, 2021: Webinar. The Negative Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures in the Americas: Sponsored by COSI & others. 

***Mar 27-29, 2021: US/UN Out Of Haiti National weekend of action/// Click here for a video about the situation in Haiti and the actions by the Haitian people

***Mar 24 -25, 2021: Join the Global Day of Action to End the War on Yemen

***Mar 14 – 24, 2021: Peace delegation visits Nicaragua to explore impact of U.S. sanctions. Press Release

***March 2021: Syria Solidarity Movement Statement on the Tenth Anniversary of the War on Syria.

***ACTION ALERT: Feb 24 – March 10, 2021: Suspend the Annual US-South Korea War Drills.

***Special webinar “Training on the new Toolkit” Sat, Feb. 27, 2021; 4-5:30 est.


***Feb 2021: Sign the Petition: Stop the Sanctions on Syria /

***Feb 2021: Haiti: Sign the open letter calling for the United States, United Nations and Organization of American States to stop their interference. Click here to read and sign the letter

***Trump has gone – time to end US sanctions on Cuba, Nicaragua & Venezuela.Report of webinar.

***Act before Jan 22: Please endorse: International Statement “Calling for the Suspension of US-ROK Combined Military Exercises.”

******JOIN THE KOREA PEACE APPEAL:  Sponsored by Korea Peace Appeal

***January 17: Virtual Protest to End the U.S. Blockade on Cuba! Info & Register  from:

***January 30, 2021: YOUTH AGAINST EMPIRE: Webinar. No War on Iran. Info & Registration:

***Yes to Sovereignty! No to Sanctions! delegation to Nicaragua Jan 30-Feb 9, 2021.Specifics. Applications due Sun,12/20/20. Sponsored by SanctionsKill & Friends of the ATC.

***Jan 25, 2021: Global Day of Action for Yemen. On-line event. Hosted by Yemeni Alliance Committee, CODEPINK: Women For Peace and Stop the War Coalition

***Jan 12,2021: Webinar: Venezuela-Iran: A natural alliance in the face of illegal sanctions. FB Event

***Dec 20, 2020: The Venezuelan Election, a blow to US Imperialism

***Dec 10, 2020: China Is Not Our Enemy with Sara Flounders & Jodie Evans – THURSDAY 5pm PT / 8pm ET. Code Pink webinar.

***Dec 10, 2020 4PM EST: Operation Carlota: 45 years afterward – Cuba and Fidel Castro’s contribution to the people of Africa.  Register.

***Dec 8, 2020: Video analysis of Venezuelan elections. Venezuela Votes in Defiance of US Calls for Election Boycott: The Meaning of the Results. Sponsored by AfGJ & others.

***Dec 2-6, 2020: Palestine Writes Literature Festival. A virtual event.

***Nov 28, 2020: Webinar:Genocide, Plunder, and Colonialism in Congo: The Struggle for African Liberation. FB specifics

***Nov 19, 2020: Webinar #ShutDownAFRICOM: Resist US Colonization of Africa.  FB Event

***Nov 18, 2020: Venezuelans Want to Vote webinar. FB Event

***Important events Nov 14 -15, 2020: Make 2021 The Year To Defeat The US Blockade Against Cuba! Be sure to see SAVING LIVES CAMPAIGN.

***Nov 2, 2020: Black Solidarity Day. Called by December12th Movement and others.

***Nov 7, 2020: JNF: Environmentalism as Greenwash for Ethnic Cleansing. FB Event. Sponsored by IJAN UK, Stop the JNF Campaign & others.

 ***Oct 29, 2020: On-line Event: Canada-Cuba Relations in the Time of Trump and COVID-19. FB Event. Sponsored by Canadian Network on Cuba.

***Oct 25, 2020: Webinar: International Day Against Zimbabwe Sanctions. 4pm edt. Register. Sponsored by the December 12th Movement.

***Oct 21, 2020 Webinar: “How Cuba Saves Lives at Home & Abroad in the COVID-19 Era.”   Youtube. Sponsored by Albany Cuba Solidarity and others.

***Oct 14, 2020: Webinar: China is Not Our Enemy. Sponsored by Code Pink. (Also CLICK HERE for Code Pink campaigns re: Iran, Palestine, China, Latin American & more.)

***Oct 17, 2020 Webinar: Oppression and Resistance: Palestine Fights for Liberation. FB Event. Sponsored by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and others.

**Join the Oct 17, 2020 On-line Rally: Youth Speak Out Against the Wars at Home and Abroad. FB Event. Sponsored by UNAC, SanctionsKill, Black Alliance for Peace, Code Pink, BAYAN USA, POWIR (People’s Opposition to War, Imperialism, and Racism), The Anti-War Committee (MN), Milwaukee Anti-War Committee, Colombian Progressives Miami, and others.

**Oct 17,2020: Online Virtual Picket Action!: LIFT THE U.S. BLOCKADE ON CUBA! FB Event. Sponsored by Canadian Network on Cuba. Register.

***17 Oct 2020: Encuentro virtual Solidaridad vs Bloqueo: Facebook recorriendo. SiempreConCuba.

***The War on Cuba: Episode 1: YouTube.  Episode 2: YouTube.

***Oct 1, 2020: International Day of Action on AFRICOM. Sponsored by Black Alliance for Peace & others.

***Fall 2020: Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors: Sign the Petition.

***Aug 29, 2020: Webinar: COVID Under Illegal Sanctions: Venezuela, Cuba & the Arab World. Sponsored by Hands Off Venezuela PDX, Portland Jobs with Justice & Portland DSA.

***Aug 30, 2020: After the DNC & RNC: We Can’t Breathe! Keep it in the Streets – Against Racism, Evictions and War! Webinar sponsored by many groups including SanctionsKill.

***Sept 19, 2020: Webinar Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Fidel’s trip to Harlem: Sponsored by many groups.

***Aug 7-9, 2020: International Days of Resistance: Long listing of events around the globe:

***Listing of Cuba & Venezuela Solidarity actions Summer 2020. Link

***Endorse the Saving Lives Campaign – US-CUBA-CANADA Collaboration Fight Against COVID-19. Initiated by

***Protest the Pro-apartheid propaganda campaign targeting Palestine activists in France.

***July 27, 2020: Korean Peace Week. Virtual Visual. Sponsored by Korea Peace Now.

***International Days of Resistance for Palestine August 7-9, 2020.

***July 16, 2020: Strengthening US Venezuela Social Movement Solidarity. Initiated by  Embassy Protection Collective.

***July 18-19, 2020: Concert for Cuba: Two day cultural event broadcast from Havana. (Also see SK FB.) Us-Cuba Normalization Committee & others.

***July 14, 2020: Sanctions Kill, Especially During a Pandemic. Press Conference & car caravan. Chicago Committee Against War and Racism & others.

***July 1-4, 2020: Day of Rage: Call to action to confront Israeli annexation, struggle for a free Palestine. See FB listing of Day of Rage actions from around the globe.

***June 30, 2020: Webinar: Despite U.S. Blockade Cuba’s Internationalism Leading the Way. FB Event. Sponsored by:  Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC) and Friends of Cuba Against the US Blockade – Vancouver

***June-July, 2020 FB Events. Listing of Palestine solidarity efforts from around world, especially protesting planned Israel annexation & including Day of Rage July 1, 2020.

***June 25, 2020: US/Canada Hands Off Venezuela! Online Webinar. FB Event

***June 14, 2020: Webinar: Commemorate the Life & Legacy of Che Guevara!. FB Event. Hosted by Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade and Canadian Network on Cuba

***June 16, 2020: Webinar: the Gendered Impact of Sanctions. FB Event. Registration. Hosted by Code Pink, FEMENA, & SanctionsKill. 

**June 16, 2020: Webinar: Danny Glover talks COVID, Cuba, and Saving Lives with Cuban Ambassador to the U.S. José Ramón Cabañas. FB Event. Sponsored by national Network on Cuba and many others. 

***June 2, 2020: Register for Webinar on “The Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures (UCMs) on the Global Fight Against the COVID-19: Upholding the UN Charter, Promoting International Cooperation and Ensuring No One is Left Behind in Times of Pandemic.” Organized by the Permanent Missions of Belarus, China, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe to the United Nations.

***June 1-5, 2020]: National Action to End the Korean War [Virtual Korea Peace Advocacy Week] . Sign to participate

***June 1-5, 2020: Take action: Tell CAF to get off Israel’s apartheid train! Sponsored by BDS. Available in Spanish & Basque. 

***June 4, 2020:  190TH Anniversary of the death of Antonio Jose Sucre webinar with Webezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister on how Venezuela is resisting invasions and sabotage by US-led mercenaries and successfully fighting Covid-19 despite merciless killer sanctions  Registration. Organized  by Alba Social Movements Canada, Ottawa Chapter.

***All of May, 2020: Online Flotilla events. Hosted by Freedom Flotilla, South African Palestine Solidarity Alliance & others. 

***May 29, 2020, 4pm: #SANCTIONSKILL Covid-Safe Car Rally. FB Event. (Register from Event). Sponsored by Revolutionary United Front & others. 

***May 30, 2020: 1-2pm. Fresh Pond Shopping Center, Cambridge, MA.  Rally against US Sanctions.  FB Event. Susan McLucas,  Sponsored by Committee for Peace and Human Rights.

***May 30, 2020: 1-day publicly-visible fast to “Lift Sanctions and Save Lives.”  “End Wars and Occupations” team of Progressive Democrats of  America, Central New Mexico chapter.

***May 25, 2020:6pm ;  Webinar for African Liberation Day: Covid-19, Sanctions, & the Human Right to Health Car. PDF. PNG. Hosted by December 12th Movement & others. Please click the link to join the webinar: Or iPhone one-tap:   US: +16468769923 Or Telephone: US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 253 215 8782  / Webinar ID: 834 8882 4116 / facebooklive: december 12th movement Ztourzinfo

** 5/21/20: Sign the Letter: NO WAR OVER TRADE! Tell Defense Secretary Mark Esper that the United States should fight Covid-19, not Iran or Venezuela! Hosted by Code Pink.

***May 22 & 29, 2020: People’s Teach-In Series:  FB link. Hosted by Resist US War Movement.

***May 23, 2020: Regime Change and Climate Change: Connecting the Dots. Webinar. FB Event. Hosted by Stop the Machine! Create a New World.

***May 21, 2020: Webinar: Shifting From “Security” to “Peace” in Korea. Sponsored by Korea Peace Now & others.

***May 19, 2020: Cuba Webinar: Cuba, Africa & the Caribbean. FB Event. Hosted by National Network on Cuba & 10 others.

***May 17, 2020: Lift the US Blockade on Cuba Now! Virtual Online Picket. FB Event. Sponsored by Canadian Network on Cuba & others. 

***International Webinar. Sat, May 9, 2020; 4pm. This first in a series includes speakers from Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela: Facebook / Youtube

-SIGN THE  PLEDGE  To Resist US Sanctions and War

SEND A LETTER: Lift the Zimbabwe Sanctions. (Initiated by the Dec12 Movement) Also see Zimbabwe@40.

***KEY: OPEN LETTER/PETITION: Sign on Open Letter to Condemn Trump Administration’s Hypocritical Indictment on Drug Charges of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and High-Ranking Venezuelan Officials. In seven languages. Initial co-signers:  Tim Anderson, Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies / Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus, MIT; Professor, U. of Arizona / Gerald Horne, Historian, University of Houston, Texas / Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research / Cornel West, Harvard University / Iraklis Tsavdaridis, World Peace Council / Bahman Azad, U.S. Peace Council / Ajamu Baraka, Black Alliance for Peace / Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK / Jackie Cabasso, United for Peace and Justice / Nathaniel Chase, International Action Center / Omowale Clay, December 12th Movement / Gerry Condon, Veterans For Peace / Darien De Lu, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom — US Section / Sara Flounders, International Action Center / Miguel Figueroa, Canadian Peace Congress / Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance / Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space / Roger Harris, Task Force on the Americas / Chuck Kaufman, Alliance for Global Justice / Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report / Joe Lombardo, United National Antiwar Coalition / Alfred Marder, U.S. Peace Council / Makasi Metoma, People’s Power Assemblies /Teri Mattson, CODEPINK / Nancy Price, Alliance for Democracy (US) / Cindy Sheehan, March on the Pentagon / David Swanson, World BEYOND War / Emily Thomas, IFCO Pastors for Peace / Gail Walker, IFCO: Pastors for Peace / Yasemin Zahra, US Labor Against the War / Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance

***Special webinar: Thurs April 23,202: “An Inside View of Resistance to US Imperialism in Venezuela and How to Build International Solidarity.” Co-hosted by Popular Resistance, the Black Alliance for Peace, US Peace Council, CODEPINK, International Action Center, United National Antiwar Coalition and Sanctions Kill.

-Support the Embassy Protectors:  Next Hearing On June 3, 2020.

-Open letter: From President Maduro to the People of the United States

-SIGN LETTER: Senator Bob Menendez wants to increase sanctions against North Korea. Sign this letter to push back.

-SIGN LETTER: Senator Cory Gardner wants to increase sanctions against North Korea. Sign this letter to push back.

-SIGN PETITION/ SUPPORT TWITTER STROM: #BloqueoNoSolidaridadSi: los pueblos en contra Bloqueo Económico en medio de la pandemia. Petition in multiple languages (scroll down). Also starting April 16, 2020: Twitter Storm: As part of the Day of Mobilization against the blockade and international economic sanctions imposed by the government of the United States on Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua at the Sao Paulo Forum, a second twitter storm will be held on Thursday, April 16, from 10:00am to 2:00pm EST. Initiated by ICfPJD.

-Webinar: April 19, 2020: What is Imperialism? The Deeper Pandemic & Its Cure. ILPS-US

-Webinar: April 15, 2020: Covid-19 + Unilateral Coercive Measures as Acts of War. Sponsored by NLG-IC; IDLA.

-On-going Webinar series: Commonsense on Syria. March 25 – April 25, 2020.

-Code Pink has multiple actions, including related to FaceBook, Twitter & Letter to Congress persons. 

-Webinar: Sun April 5, 2020: Covid-19 Sanctions: a discussion with Iranian-American women/gender-non conforming people. LINK. Initiated by Code Pink.

-April 6, 2020 & beyond: The People’s Forum is convening a recurring online space to hear and discuss current analysis and reports from leaders of people’s movements and organizations in the US and across the world. 

-Webinar: Wed April 8, 2020: Briefing:Venezuela, Trump, Sanctions & Covid-19 in Latin America. Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

-Webinar: Thurs April 9, 2020:  COVID-19 Pandemic: Cuba Shows That International Solidarity is the Answer!.  Scroll down from LINK to register.

-Thurs: April 9, 2020: International Twitter Campaign: part of the International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle. Promoted by US Peace Council

-Open Letter:  Condemn Trump Administration’s Hypocritical Indictment on Drug Charges of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and High-Ranking Venezuelan Officials. Initiated by Alliance for Global Justice


Petition: US sanctions on Iran are contributing to coronavirus. Initiated by CODE PINK. 

-Petition: Covid-19 is in Gaza: Israel Must Lift the Siege. Initiated by Code Pink.

Petition: END THE ILLEGAL SANCTIONS AGAINST NICARAGUA!  Initiated by Alliance for Global Justice

-Sign: Legal Statement Against U.S. Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela  Scroll to bottom to sign; Also see from nlginternational.

-Petition: No war during pandemic (CodePink)

Voice directly from Iran on impact of sanctions (sent to

-For an extensive list of links related especially to Covid19, please see the UNAC blog

More Petitions (from afgj)

Call in to White House: US Hands off Venezuela (preferably by April 3)

Code Pink petition: Don’t Weaponize a Pandemic: Hands off Venezuela/ FIGHT COVID NOT VENEZUELA!

Sign Petition: FDA move approval of Cuban antiviral to treat COVID-19 now!

ONE POSSIBLE ACTION: Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that calls for no war on Venezuela and stop the sanctions. Share it on social media using the hashtag #FightCovidNotVenezuela and target your member of Congress as well as President Trump. Spread the word however you can by sharing this letter on social media and by email. Write letters to your editor opposing war on Venezuela. The United Nations has called for a global ceasefire to focus on the COVID19 pandemic. We need to be fighting the disease not each other. We need to send doctors, not soldiers. Tag @PopResistance and we’ll retweet your tweets. Thank you. – Popular Resistance

-Above taken from: The US Should Fight COVID-19, Not Venezuela (Popular Resistance)


Utmost  concern and solidarity for all the world’s peoples dealing with the coronavirus situation. Check your local activists to confirm local events during these March 13-15 (and beyond) International Days of Action Against Sanctions and Economic War. The Sanctions Kill effort is building awareness of the extent and insidious impact of this new form of US imposed warfare, both within progressive movements and among the working masses and oppressed as a whole. Our challenge is to continue to find creative ways to “get the message out,” including in the 2020 US election campaign and during the present coronavirus reality, and to give concrete solidarity wherever we can. (See, for example, the Code Pink Petition on Iran or the several social-media March 13-15 weekend actions listed below.) Please keep us informed of whatever future actions you are planning. A message from Italy is especially inspiring: “WILPF Italy  joins at Sanctions Kill: 13-15 days of action, but public initiatives cannot be made, for the health emergency – Corona Virus. We will sensitize with press releases in Rome e Livorno.”

 March 21-12, 2020: Virtual Conference: US Cuba Normalization: FB Info (scroll down). Webpage.

End U.S. Imposed Sanctions and Economic War!

Join or add a protest / teach-in / forum and/or other event in your area, for March 13-15, before and in future. Scroll down for March 13-15, 2020 actions by state and international.

Submit yours: CLICK HERE.


Saturday, March 14
Major event livestreamed from 
Sanctions Kill FB Page:

Sanctions Kill Forum and Webinar with the Alliance For Global Justice
2:30PM PST/5:30pm EST – Webinar Registration
@ Restore Oakland (1419 34th Ave, Oakland, California)
Speakers include:
Rhonda Ramiro, BAYAN USA
Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Action Committee
Bilal Mafundi Ali, Black Alliance for Peace
Teresa Walsh and Nesbit Crutchfield,  Venceremos Brigade
K.J. Noh, Scholar, Writer and Peace Activist
Jeff Mackler, United National Anti-War Coalition
David Paul, Embassy Protection Collective
David Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council
Judy Greenspan, International Action Center

National Tweet Day: On Super Tuesday (March 3, 2020), tweet at candidates with the hashtag #SanctionsKill, asking if they support U.S. imposed sanctions on more than 39 countries – 1/3 of the world. 


**PRESS RELEASE: for March 11, 2020 Press Conference for Saturday NYC Action, especially linking sanctions with coronavirus. FB Event. Youtube of event.


Social Media Solidarity  Against US Sanctions, March 14-15, 2020; co-sponsored by All African People’s Revolutionary Party – New Mexico. FB Event.


Online Social Media Campaign, March 13-15, 2020; Initiated by Code Pink : Spread the word: send a selfie. Click here


New York City
March 14 2020 
1 PM – 4 PM
40 Wall St.
FB Event

Postponed temporarily

“…After consultation with numerous forces involved in organizing the event, there is strong consensus that the NYC event should be postponed to a future, to be determined date, given the opportunity large gatherings provide to transmit and contract the virus. This discussion is happening in many cities around the country. Some cities have already decided to go ahead with their events, others to to postpone, and others are still discussing the matter…” Read more


-On going: Petition to END THE ILLEGAL SANCTIONS AGAINST NICARAGUA! Petition link. Initiated by Alliance for Social Justice


On going: US sanctions on Iran are contributing to coronavirus. Sign the CODE PINK Petition to Lift the Sanctions.  Petition Link

-February 21 – 23, 2020: NYC: UNAC National Conference: Rise Against Militarism, Racism and the Climate Crisis – Building Power Together. FB EventWeb. Sat: 11:30 – 1:30: Panel: Opposing SanctionsYoutube.

-Ongoing: Defend Embassy Protectors. Web info.

-Friday, February 21, 2020: NYC: Special Forum: Lift Illegal Sanctions Off Zimbabwe.

-February 27, 2020: NYC: An Anti-Imperialist Study: What are Sanctions? Sponsored by ILPS & others.  FB Event.


-March 11, 2020: CODE PINK (with others)  National Webinar: WTF? US-Venezuela Relations w/ Carlos Ron; FB Event.


-March 14, 2020: Oakland: Key multi-organizational National Webinar with educational panel exploring wide range of sanctions-related topics. FB Link.


-March 15-17, 2020: Washington, DC: National Action to End the Korean War. Web link.


-March 16, 2020: National Webinar: Sanctions 101; 5pm-pdt, 8pm-edt. Sign-up via Code Pink: Click here (scroll to bottom)

-March 20, 2020: NYC: Second International Conference to Normalize Relations with Cuba. FB Event.

-March 27-29, 2020: NYC: First Palestinian Literature Festival in North America. Web info.


-March 28-29, 2020: Larnaca, Cyprus: international Conference against Imperialism. There will be a panel on sanctions.  Web info.

-March 29, 2020: NYC: Mobilization for Land Day and the Great Return March.  FB Event.

-April 12 – 21, 2020: Sanctions Kill! – Food Sovereignty Delegation to Venezuela. Web info.


Delegations links (from Alliance for Social Justice)/ 3/16/20: some duplication  from above

Sanctions Kill! – Food Sovereignty Delegation to Venezuela April 12-21, 2020

Code Pink Delegations to Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba

Cuba: 15th May Day International Brigade of Voluntary Work & Solidarity, April 27- May 10

Canadian Che Guevara Voluntary Work Brigade to Cuba, April 27-May 10

Building Relations with Cuban Labor April 28 – May 3 or April 28th – May 8

Human Rights Delegation to Honduras, May 7-17

Apply for Summer 2020 Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan


Sat: 3/14: 2:30 pm; Restore Oakland, 1419 34th Avenue; We are organizing an educational forum endorsed and supported by a broad coalition of organizations. See Facebook page for more information. FB Event.


Sun: 3/15: 4 pm; Shriners Hospital, 2425 Stockton Blvd.; FB Event. Democratic Socialists of America & cosponsors: Wellstone Progressive Democrats, Peace Action, Jewish Voice for Peace, National Lawyers Guild


San Jose
Wed: 3/11: 5:30-6:60 pm; Peace Banne, i Post St., San Fransisco: PEACE VIGIL WEDNESDAY, Join US CODEPINK, Wordl Can’t Wait, Occupy SF and others for our weekly (most Wednesdays); This Week Theme:  Sanctions are War and Kill! The End Sanctions Now Campaign!        
San Pedro
Fri: 3/13: 3-5pm; Meet at 5th/Centre St. In front of our local political offices. We will visit local Political and Labor offices to spread awareness of deadly U.S. sanctions against people around the world-Iran, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba…and ask them to take action! Call for Trade between nations, Dialogue and Respect for Sovereignty-NOT SANCTIONS. Hosted by CODEPINK San Pedro, Witness for Peace Southwest, LA Harbor Peace Week and others, in coordination of International Days of Action to End U.S. Economic Sanctions…
Sat: 3/14: 11am – 1pm; Meet at 9th and Gaffey St. at the San Pedro Library. We will be taking pictures at local venues: The Library Sister Ports sign, the San Pedro International Welcome Park/Sister Cities at the 110 Fwy. entrance, and the Port of Los Angeles to call on the U.S. to foster Friendship and Peaceful Relations between countries…Not dominance, militarism and competition. #SanctionsKill Meet at the Library, we’ll visit and take pictures at all these places together.
All San Pedro action hosted hosted by CODEPINK San Pedro, Witness for Peace Southwest, LA Harbor Peace Week and others, in coordination of International Days of Action to End U.S. Economic Sanctions…



Fri: 3/13: 11:30 am; 90 State House Square; Vigil on Economic Sanctions and Attempt an Interview at Senator Blumenthal’s Office, by CT Coalition for Peace and Solidarity & U.S. Peace Council



Sat: 3/14: 5pm: Earth N Us Farm (7660 NE 1st Ave. Miami): Our forum will feature Medea Benjamin, Eleyna Frerye, and Alexa Weber;



Sat: 3/14/20: 5-7pm : 2 hour WRFG 89.3FM radio special, “Sanctions Are a Weapon of War” with local, national, international guests. 11083 Austin Ave NE 30307. To hear the program online, go to or download the wrfg mobile app.
Fri: 3/13/20: 7:30pm : Kirkwood United Church of Christ, 100 Rogers St NE 30317 St, Atlanta 30317. Dr. Rosemari Mealy, author, adjunct professor at City College of NY and Cuba solidarity activist, will discuss the heightened US sanctions on Cuba and the role of the Cuba Caravan project of IFCO/Pastors Peace in defending Cuban sovereignty and its revolution.



**Sat, MARCH 7: 12-1pm CST; Monthly Vigil for Peace and Justice:  END KILLING SANCTIONS; Corner of Main and Illinois Ave, Carbondale Illinois; 



Silver Spring
3/21/2020: 11404 Channing Dr Apt A / 2pm



Thurs: 3/19/2020: 6:30pm; Harvard University, Emerson Hall 101; FB Event.



Ann Arbor
Sat: 3/14/2020: 12pm: Federal Building, Ann Arbor, MI / Ann Arbor Coalition Against The War



Thurs: 3/19/20: 7pm: St. Joan of Arc Church 4537 3rd Ave South Minneapolis; Public Forum and discussion;


New Hampshire

Sun: 3/15/20: 1pm;  Dartmouth College Green; Red Banner Anti-Imperialist Collective


New Jersey

Jersey City
Wed: 3/18/20: 6:30 pm; NJ Action 21, 366 Central Ave; Discussion on: Impact of Economic Sanctions.



New Mexico

Fri: 3/13/20: 6 pm / 1421 Central Ave. NE / Anti-War Teach-in on economic sanctions, their toll, and their connection to extractivism in New Mexico. FB Event.


Sat: 3/14/20: 8:30 am / ANYWHERE! / Fasting Against Sanctions and Sieges: Participants pledge to take nothing but water by mouth from breakfast to dinner. When hunger pangs strike they will contemplate the ongoing hunger of the children in so many countries resulting from sanctions. Participants may report at sally-aliceanddon@juno .com


New York

Mon: 3/16/20: 6 pm; 4 Corners in Delmar (Kenwood & Delaware)


Tues: 3/17/20: 7pm; at Pilgrim-StLukes Church, 335 Richmond Ave, Buffalo NY (enter from parking lot off W Utica) / Forum on sanctions – be informed, join the discussion, get in the struggle with other antiwar activists!


Fri: 3/13/20: 4pm; Corner of Clinton and State, Ithaca. Oppose Sanctions on Nicaragua!


New York City
Thurs: 2/27/20: 6:30 pm: Project Reach (39 Eldridge St, Manhattan, 4th Floor) / International League of Peoples’ Struggle: An Anti-imperialist Study: What are Sanctions?
FB Event
New York City
Tues: 3/3/20: 7 pm: Final Planning Meeting for Days of Action Against Sanctions. FB Event
New York City
Saturday, March 14, 2020 / 1 PM – 4 PM / 40 Wall St.  / FB Event


North Carolina

Fri; 3/13/20: 8am: 16 West Jones St., Raleigh, NC (East Lawn of NC General Assembly Bldg.); To bring the deadly consequences of US sanctions to the public’s attention, we will hold a public FAST from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Come and fast with us for an hour or all day. Please bring a folding lawn chair, if you can. Suggestions for signs include: We Fast to End Sanctions U.S. Sanctions are Starving Children Sanctions are Deadly End U.S. Sanctions U.S. Sanctions Do Not Make Us Safer Sanctions Are Inhumane.Starvation doesn’t always grab headlines the way bombs and drone killings might do, but economic warfare is no less deadly. It’s time to say “enough is enough!”  Triangle Raging Grannies



Thurs; 3/19/20: 6:30 pm; Pilgrim Church, 2592 W. 14th St.; Venezuelan Embassy Protector Kevin Zeese featured speaker.



Sat: 3/14/20: Vigil at 5 pm: 120 NW 4th Street, Corvallis, OR (in front of the county courthouse)


Sun 2/23/20: Anti-War Panel Discussion / 2:30pm –FB Event.
Sat: 3/14/20: Pioneer Square / 2:30pm – Stay tuned for updates




Fri: 3/13/20: 6pm: 801 S. 48th St, Phila, PA / FB Event.



CANCELLED: Sun: 3/15/20: 3pm: 108 Langley Court / Dallas Anti-War Committee / FB Event:


El Paso
Fri:  3/13/20: 12pm: Across from the El Paso County Courthouse, Downtown at the corner of N. Campbell Street and E San Antonio Ave, El Paso, TX 79901 / Border Peace Presence stands for peace every Friday from noon – 1 PM. March 13th, we’ll protest sanctions which are an act of war. 


Sun: 3/15/20: 3pm; 5300 Memorial Drive; FB Event.



Fri-3/13/20: 1001 E Keefe Ave, Milwaukee / 7pm
Panel discussion with Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance (on skype) on sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, Art Heitzer of the Cuba Committee of the National Lawyer’s Guild and Tom Seery of Peace Action WI’s anti-sanctions delegation to Iraq in 1998.


Sat-3/14/20: 11am: MLK Plaza, on State St. between MLK Dr. & Marquettend Marquette St., Racine, WI /




Vancouver, BC
Fri: 3/13/20: 4pm; Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby Street / – Join Mobilization Against War & Occupation – MAWO in Vancouver, Canada for our monthly rally and petition drive demanding an end to all U.S. sanctions! This important action will also protest 5 years of ongoing U.S./Saudi-led war on Yemen as well as 17 years since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq!


http://WWW.MAWOVANCOUVER.ORG/. / Twitter: @mawovan

Vancouver, BC
Fri: 3/13/20: 5:30pm; Vancouver Public Library Central Branch (Homer and Robson Streets), Vancouver; Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver (Canada)



-March 20, 2020: NYC: Second International Conference to Normalize Relations with Cuba. FB Event.



Panel on Sanctions at International Conference against Imperialism.  Web info.


 On going: US sanctions on Iran are contributing to coronavirus. Sign the CODE PINK Petition to Lift the Sanctions.  Petition Link


NOTE: A message from Italy is especially inspiring: “WILPF Italy  joins at Sanctions Kill: 13-15 days of action, but public initiatives cannot be made, for the health emergency – Corona Virus. We will sensitize with press releases in Rome e Livorno.” 

Fri: 3/13: Via Volta 6, Cecina; 3am:
Rete Civica Livornese contro la nuova normalità della guerra, Tavolo per la Pace della Val di Cecina, Fronte antimperialista di Pisa, Per un mondo senza guerre, Azione Civile. We’re in Tuscany, Italy. Livorno, close to the biggest deposit of weapons and munitions in the planet, outside USA. Passing by the port of Livorno they send killing material to Saudi Arabia and all over from Afganistan to Libia to Syria to Yemen to the east of europe. We’re in danger, but people have NO IDEA of what’s going on . The promoting groups and movment are very active in the area. Free from parties chains and media wall of silence.
Tues: 3/3/20: 10:30am



Sat: 3/14/2020: Pariser Platz / Brandenburger Tor / 2am.
More info click here



-March 15-17, 2020: Washington, DC: National Action to End the Korean War. Web link.



Sat: 3/14/2; 2pm; Windjammerdijk. Hands off Venezuela NL. For updates on activities see,, ; and


-On going: Petition to END THE ILLEGAL SANCTIONS AGAINST NICARAGUA! Petition link. Initiated by Alliance for Social Justice




-March 27-29, 2020: NYC: First Palestinian Literature Festival in North America. Web info.
-March 29, 2020: NYC: Mobilization for Land Day and the Great Return March.  FB Event.



Sat: 3/14/2020: 3:30pm; Caribou, Al Jazeera Petrol Station, Duhail, Doha, Qatar / It’s a teach-in event taking place at a cafe.



-April 12 – 21, 2020: Sanctions Kill! – Food Sovereignty Delegation to Venezuela. Web info.



-NYC: Friday, February 21, 2020: NYC: Special Forum: Lift Illegal Sanctions Off Zimbabwe.


Link for the January 25, 2020 massive world-wide protests in 20 countries & 210 cities demanding No War on Iran.

Sanctions Kill and are an Act of War!