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**Special Sanctions Report: “We don’t deserve this”:; Report Overview.

**NEW: May-June 2022: CEPR Sanctions Watch

**October 2021: Response to Treasury Sanctions Report


Country-specific Resources:

Resources for  African countries. Click here.
Resources for Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela & other Western hemisphere. Click here.
Resources for Palestine, Iran, Syria & other Middle East. Click here.


Presentation Toolkit:

Click here for a basic slideshow presentation and sample script to go with it.
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Recent additions:

***Great sanctions-overview Pacifica radio program. Oct 4, 2021. Be sure to read the desciption.

Draft Resolution/Resolutions/Press Releases:


Fact sheets:

  • SK leaflet: What are Sanctions? JPEG click here.
  • Link to World Beyond War: Fact Sheets
  • What? Who? List of 39 Countries info sheet: PDF / Docx (links work in Docx, not PDF)
  • Detailed Fact Sheet: Docx /  PDF (Docx links work, not PDF)





Videos/Youtube/Podcasts (others under Resources & On-going Actions):

-The War on Cuba: Episode 1: YouTube.  Episode 2: YouTube. Episode 3: Youtube.

-Code Pink: WTF Is Going on in Latin America: Nicaragua

-CODE PINK PODCAST: Episode 27 – Are Economic Sanctions Warfare?

Venezuelans Under Siege / Venezuela frente las sanciones