What You Can Do – Taking Action

by James Wallace, labor and anti-war activist

1. Hopefully you’re outraged at the insidious, illegal use of US imposed sanctions & determined to do something about it.

2. Continue to educate yourself. Start with some basics, like the TOOLKIT, FACTSHEET, REPORT and Webinars available from sanctionskill.org. There’s a wealth of information at https://sanctionskill.org/resources 2/.

3. Educate others. Spread the word, through your own networks and contacts or when you participate in any “make a difference” activities.

4. Join with others. Doing something is more important than what you do. Some may focus on legislative actions, others work in academia. Most of the groups working directly with the SanctionsKill Coalition are more activist: sponsoring webinars, solidarity trips, car caravans,
letter writing, petitions. To find a group, see the “Activist Groups” listed below or https://sanctionskill.org/what you can do/.

5. Don’t get discouraged! Question ALL US propaganda. The US government, media, educational system, and cultural norms do everything possible to spread disinformation, and, most importantly, the idea that it’s useless to “fight back.”

6. Keep the focus on what US imperialism is doing. We in the SK Coalition are careful to always narrow the target at the role of the US (and junior partners). We don’t get into debates RE: the internal situation in any country. Fighting sanctions on a country does not mean you support its government. The same applies to working with people and groups you may or may not agree with: Unite and Act on what you can agree on, and agree to “let go” of what don’t.

7. Be sure to listen to what sanctioned countries are saying best
supports them.

8. Make the connections to struggles here in the “belly of the beast.” As Martin Luther King said “Bombs falling in Vietnam explode in Harlem.”

9. Again, most importantly, turn into action whatever anger you have over the use of these weapons of mass destruction. The sanctioned countries are not only surviving, but also creating new innovative relationships and creative solutions to deal with sanctions. A new world
is in the making! We hope you want to be part of it!

For more information: info@sanctionskill.org.

Activist groups to potentially hook up with

Activist groups involved with the SanctionsKill campaign and bringing the question of sanctions into the political movement. (Of course there are many, many wonderful groups working at the local, national and/or international level. If you hook up with any of these, bring the question of sanctions into them.)

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York: https://bolivariannyc.wordpress.com/
Alliance For Global Justice: https://afgj.org/
BAYAN USA: https://www.bayanusa.org/
Black Agenda Report: https://www.blackagendareport.com/
Black Alliance for Peace: https://blackallianceforpeace.com/
Chicago Alba Solidarity: https://chicagoalbasolidarity.org/
CODEPINK: https://www.codepink.org/
December 12th Movement: http://d12m.com/
Ethiopian American Civic Council: http://sr168.org
IFCO Pastors for Peace: https://ifconews.org/
International Action Center: https://iacenter.org/
International League of Peoples Struggle: https://ilps.info/en/about us/
NicaguaNetwork: http://www.nicanet.org/
Nodutdol for Korean Comm. Dev. – NYC: https://nodutdol.org
Popular Resistance,: https://popularresistance.org/
Samidoun – Palestine Prisoner Solidarity Network: https://samidoun.net/
SI Solidarity Iran: https://ar ar.facebook.com/groups/solidarityiran/
United National Antiwar Coalition,: https://www.unacpeace.org/
US Cuba Normalization: https://www.us cubanormalization.org/vivacuba/
U.S. Peace Council,: https://uspeacecouncil.org
Veterans For Peace: https://www.veteransforpeace.org/