(Initial list as of Nov 15, 2019.)  Add yours – click here

Ajamu Baraka – Black Alliance for Peace, 
Alexandra Reyes – Accion Revolucion Ecuador NY
Al Marder – U.S. Peace Council, 
Angela Castelo – Accion Revolucion Ecuador,
Bahman Azad – U.S. Peace Council, 
Benjamin Ramos – The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign – USA,
Bill Sacks – Venceramos Brigade
Chuck Kaufman – Alliance For Global Justice,
Cindy Sheehan – March on the Pentagon
Ed Ortiz – Call to Action on Puerto Rico,  
Emily Thomas – IFCO Pastors for Peace,
Fabian Velez – Colombia Humana,
Frank Velgara – Ministry of Solidarity with the Peoples at Holyrood Church
Gerald Hassett – Veterans For Peace NY,
Gerald Horne – Author/Historian,
Gerry Condon – Veterans For Peace,
Juyeon Rhee – Nodutdol for Korean Comm. Dev. – NYC
Jacqueline DiSalvo – US Peace Council 
Joe Lombardo – United National Antiwar Coalition, 
Kazem Azin – SI Solidarity Iran,
Kevin Zeese – Popular Resistance, 
Larry Adams – People’s Organization for Progress,
Manny Ness – NY Peace Council
Margaret Flowers – Popular Resistance, 
Nathaniel Chase – International Action Center
National Lawyers Guild
Nina Macapinlac – International League of Peoples Struggle
Omowale Clay – December 12th Movement, 
OWS Special Projects Affinity Group – Mark Apollo – NYC
Queer Folx Against War – Jesse Heiwa
Radhames Morales – Ministry of Solidarity with the Peoples at Holyrood Church,
Raphael Agosto Miranda – NY Boricua Resistance,  
Richard Kossally – Workers World Party,
Rhonda Ramiro – BAYAN USA, 
Sara Flounders – International Action Center, 
Suzanne Adely – International Assoc of Democratic Lawyers,
Terri Mattson – CODEPINK, 

Additional Organizational Endorsements (as of Dec 17, 2019)

(See below for those after Dec 17, 2019) 

Add yours – click here

Action LA Network – Siu Hin Lee – Los Angeles
Addicted to War – Frank Dorrel – Culver City
All African People’s Revolutionary Party – Akubundu Amazu – San Jose, CA
AlbaSuiza – Roland Sidler – Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Ann Arbor Coalition Against the War – Phil Carroll – Ann Arbor
Atlantis Ecological Community – Jenny James – La Plata, Columbia<s/trong>
Attac-AG Globalisierung und Krieg Frankfurt am Main – Peter Bautsch – Frankfort
Australia Solidarity with Latin America – Adela Brent – Australia
asiangreennews.com – Christine H Wong – DC, USA
Big Apple Coffee Party – Bernadette Evangelist, Alan Baily – NYC
Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition – Karen Barton – Bryn Mawr
A Call to Action on Puerto Rico – Lorraine Liriano – Brooklyn
Canadian Dimension – Cy Gonick – Winnipeg
Center for Peace and Justice Studies – Foad Izadi – Tehran
Century of the Child – Jane Stillwater – Berkeley
Chicago ALBA Solidarity – Stansfield Smith – Chicago
Church Women United in New York State – Mary Smith – Rochester
CICD – Romina Beitseen – Australia
CIELO: Children’s International Experiential Learning Organization – Andrea Lea – Gresham
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox – Cindy Sheehan – Vacaville, CA
CIVG (Initiative Center for Truth and Justice) – Italy
CODEPINK – Rachel Bruhnke – San Pedro
Community Organizing Center – Mark Stansbery – Columbus (OH)
CompaSouth – Elena Everett – Durham
Compromiso Social por la Revolución Ciudadana 5 – Mesías Pani – NYC
Coop Anti-War Cafe – Heinrich Buecker – Berlin
Dossier Sul – Alan Dantas – Fortaleza, Brazil
The Ecotopian Society – Dave Searles – Brodhead
ehs – Paul Siemering – Cambridge
Environmentalists Against War – Gar Smith – Berkeley
Extinction Rebellion – Pippa Bartolotti – Albany
FASS (Fasting against Sanctions and Sieges – Sally-Alice Thompson – Albuquerque
Freethinkers – Wilhelm Schulze-Barantin – Frankfort
Francmasoneria – Carles Capella – Barcelona
Freundschaft-mit-Valjevo.de – Bernd Duschner – Germany
Friends of Latin America – Leslie Salgado – Columbia (MD)
Fronte Popolare – Alessio Arena – Italy
Geopolitics Alert – Randi Nord – Pontiac, MI
Guyanese American Workers United – Chuck Mohan – NYC
Hamburger Forum für Völkerverständigung und weltweite Abrüstung e.V – Marco Gasch – Hamburg
Hands Off Iran – Amir Mortasawi – Germany
Hands Off Venezuela Portland – Portland, OR
Hilton Head for Peace – Dr. F Taylor – Hilton Head
House of Latin America (HOLA) – Abdolhamid Shahrabi – Tehran
Indo Canadian Workers Association – Surjit Sahota – Canada
Industrial Workers of the World – Diane Keefauver – Portland, OR
Institute for Independence Studies – Hugh Goodacre – London[/retweet]
Intl Concerned Family and Friend of Mumia Abu Jamal – Suzanne Ross – NYC
International Movement for a JUST World – Askiah Adam, Chandra Muzaffar – Malasysia
J. Michael Springmann – Law Office of J. Michael Springmann – Washington, DC
Jersey City Peace Movement – Jersey City
Joseph Hancock – Labor Today – Hollywood
Latin America Solidarity Committee – Wayne and Margeret Alt – Buffalo
Latin America Solidarity Committee – Babette Grunow – Milwaukee
Lynne Stewart Org – Ralph Poynter – NYC
Majd-Faridi – Sara Majd-Faridi – Irvine, CA
March on the Pentagon – Cindy Sheehan – California
Mariposa Habitat Nursery – Jana Mariposa Muhar – Santa Rosa
Middle East Strategy Consultants – Massoud Khodabandeh – Leeds, UK
Minnesota Peace Action Coalition – Minnesota
Movement for Serbia – Vladimir Krsljanin – Belgrade
National Immigrant SolidarityNetwork – Siu Hin Lee – Los Angeles
Network Cuba – Edgar Göll – Berlin
New Abolitionist Movement – Betty Davis – NYC
New Orleans Workers Group – Gavrielle Gemma – New Orleans
NACCE: North American Climate, Conservation and Environment – Jerry Rivers – Roosevelt, NY
New York/New Jersey Cuba Si Coalition – Cesar Sanchez – West NY, NJ
No War Roma – Vincenzo Brandi – Rome, Italy
Ode to Earth – Paul Baker – Managua
Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace – Lawrence Mosqueda – Olympia
오산이주노동자센터 (Osan Migrant Worker Center) – 창원 장 – 오산시 (Republic of Korea)
Pacific Asian Nuclear-Free Peace Network – Tsukuru Fors – Los Angeles
Paddle Now – Hugh Steadman – New Zealand
Peace Action of WI – Pamela Richard – Milwaukee
Peace Films – Netra Halperin – Washington, DC
Peace Philosophy Centre – Satoko Norimatsu – Vancouver, Canada
Peaceworkers – David Hartsough – San Francisco
People’s Democratic League (PDL) – Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh – Sierra Leone
Peoples Power Assemblies – Lydia Moulahoum – NYC
Peoples Video Network – Sue Harris – Jersey City
Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm – Corey E. Olsen – Delafield, WI
Progresemaj Esperantistoj – Renato Corsetti – London
The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign – Benjamin Ramos – USA
Punks For Progress
St. Pete for Peace – Chris Ernesto – St. Petersburg
Salam Shalom e.V. – Jürgen Jung – Pfaffenhofen, Germany
Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network – Charlotte Kates – Vancouver, BC
Silk Road Odyssey inc. – Masoud Alavi – San Rafael, CA
SOA Watch Austin – Kenneth Hayes – Austin
Suiza-Cuba – Peter Sigrist – Basel, Switzerland
Sunshine Coast Peace Group – Roger Lagassé – Canada
Tabor House – James Hinde – El Paso
tlaxcala-int.org – Hamid Beheschti – Berlin
TLTC Justice & Peace Committee – Tong-Kyun Kim – NYC<s/trong>
Tortilla con Sal – Stephen Sefton – Nicaragua
US Labor Against the War – Yasemin Zahra – Washington, DC
US Peace Council – Alfred Marder – New Haven, CT
Venceremos Brigade – Malcolm Sacks – NYC
Venezuela Ireland Network – Robert Navan – Dublin, Ireland
Veterans For Peace-NYC Chapter 34 – Robert Keilbach – Flushing
Veterans For Peace Connecticut Chapter 42 – Jim Brasile – Connecticut
VFP Chap 122 – Carroll Nast – Colfax, CA
Witness for Peace Southwest – Rachel Bruhnke – San Pedro, USA
Women Against Military Madness – Kristin Dooley – Minneapolis
Women in Black – Roger Leisner – Augusta, GA
World BEYOND War – Alice Slater – NYC
World Peace Now – Ellen Rosser – Point Arena
Workers World newspaper – John Catalinotto – NYC
Workers World Party – Monica Moorehead – USA
Yoga Dance for Peace – Amy Harlib – NYC

Additional Organizational Endorsements: Dec 17 – Feb 17, 2020

Abbey Lee Global – Lagos, Nigeria
All African People’s Revolutionary Party – New Mexico – Onyesonwu Chatoyer – Albuquerque
Arbeiterfotografie e.V – Peter Betscher – Darmstadt, GER
Benedictine University – Dr. Taylor – Hilton Head, SC
Canadian Peace Congress – Miguel Figueroa – Toronto
Casa Baltimore Limay – Barbara Larcom – Baltimore
Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies – Tim Anderson – Glebe, Australia
Center for Peace and Justice Studies – Foad Izadi – Tehran, Iran
Codepink – Medea Benjamin – Washington, DC
COLECTIVO por el derecho a la paz – Guadalajara, Mexico
Colectivo Profesores Ucevistas PROYECTO SOCIALISTA  – Eric Omaña – Caracas
Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) – Courtney Child -Corvalis, OR
Corvallis Latin America Solidarity Committee – Courtney Childs – Corvallis, OR
DB Cargo AG – Samuel Albert – Weinheim, GER
Die Linke KV Siegen/Wittgenstein – Ashraff Salem – Siegen, Germany
DSA Anti-Imperialism Network – Mark Hackler – Madison, WI
Ecumenical Catholic Church – David Kalke – Guadalajara, Mexico
Euregioprojekt-Frieden e.V. – Veronika Thomas-Ohst – Aachen, Germany
FASS (Fasting against Sanctions and Sieges) – Sally-Alice Thompson – Albuquerque, NM
Freedom Road Socialist Organization – Mick Kelly – Minneapolis, MN
Frente Antiimperialista Internacionalista – Manuel Pardo – Madrid
Frieden jetzt – Horst Wontka – Aachen, Germany
Friends of Bob – Austin, TX
Friends of Latin America – Leslie Salgado – Columbia, MD
Granny Peace Brigade NYC – Nydia Leaf – NYC
Green Party of Monmouth County NJ – Tom Violett – Farmingdale, NJ
Green Party, New Zealand – Wellington Handsoff Venezuela Netherlands – Madeleine Klinkhamer – Amsterdam
High Asia Media Group – Farman Ali – Islamabad, Pakistan
Hoffman for Senate 2020 – Madelyn Hoffman – Flanders, NJ
International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity – Alicia Jrapko – Oakland, CA
International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal – Pam Africa – Philadelphia, PA
Jack’s Group – Glenn Cratty  – Rupert, VT
Jordanian ecotourism society – Imad Aliroud – Irbid, Jordan
Just Peace Committee – Barbara Walfern – Vancouver, BC
Labor United for Class Struggle / LABOR TODAY – Joseph Hancock – Los Angeles
Living with Jesus – Hyunsil Han – Seoul
Local USA 829 – Elizabeth Bonaventura – Brooklyn
Malcolm X Center for Human Rights – Efia Nwangaza – Greenville, SC
Marxist – Pisa, Italy
Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) – Vancouver, BC
Monterey Peace and Justice Center – Seaside, CA
Movement 4 Peoples’ Democracy – Kelly McConnell – Los Angeles
Mütter geg d krieg Berl. Brandenburg  – Potsdam, Germany
National Workers Union – Cecil Paul – San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago
nil – Roberr Boudriass – Quebec, Canada
No War Roma, NO NATO LIST – Vincenzo Brandi – Rome
NYPAN-LIA – Charlotte Forrester – East Meadow, NY
One World Life Systems – Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea – NYC
Pacific Green Party of Linn and Benton Counties – Mike Beilstein – Corvallis, OR
Party of Communists USA – Angelo D’Angelo – Staten Island
Peace Action of WI – Pamela Richard – Milwaukee
Peaceworkers – David Hartsough – San Fransisco, CA
Progresemaj Esperantistoj – Renato Corsetti – London
Pueblo Action Alliance – Julia Bemal – Sandia Pueblo, NM
Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice – Elaine Kinch – Racine, WI
rdna – Helgaleena Healingline – Monona, WiSC
Research Center – Arrigo Colombo – Lecce Salento University, Italy
RefugeeFoods – Jonah Crawford – San Fransisco, CA
Socialist Party of Bangladesh (spb) – Bazlur Rashid Firoz -Dhaka, Bangladesh
Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) – Manik Mukherjee – Kolkata, India
Stand with Okinawa NY – Hideko Otake – NYC
Students & Youth for a New America – Gavin Lockard – Moline, IL
Task Force on the Americas – Roger Harris – Corte Madera, CA
Tlaxcala Network – Tunis, Tunisia
TLTC Justice & Peace Committee – Rev. Tong-Kyun Kim – NYC
Urban Bees and Gardens  – Brian Lacy – Portland, OR
U. S. Friends of the Soviet People  – Martin Sawma – Buffalo, NY
Veterans For Peace, Chapter 180 – Joshua Shurley – Fresno, CA
Whatcom Peace & Justice Center – Bellingham, WA
WILPF Italy – Giovanna Pagani – Livorno, Italy
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Corvallis OR branch – Leah Bolger – Corvallis, OR
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, US – Darien De Lu – Des Moines, IA
WNY Peace Center – Victoria Ross – Buffalo, NY

Additional Individual Endorsements (as of Nov. 30, 2019 – hundreds more to be added!) 

Add yours – click here

Abass, Rachid (South Africa)
Ackerman, Judith
Afifi, Ahmed (Switzerland)
Ahmed. Leslie
Al Masri, Osama
Albert, Anthony
Altic, Keenen
Alvarez, Ana
Anderson, Glen
Anderson, Shel
Andreini, Francesco
Angelus, Joshua
Armsby, Gery
Arruda, Denise (QC, Canada)
Asher, Gordon (United Kingdom)
Askari, Mohammad Amir (India)
Azizi, Ali (Iran)
Aziz, Barbara Nimri
Bagherpour, Forough (Berlin)
Bains, Jeff
Baker, Roger
Baker, Thomas
Ballantyne, Edith (Switzerland)
Barouh, David
Bedard, Stella (BC, Canada)
Bello, Ada
Benabe, Pat
Besemann, Ulrich
Bessette, Matthew
Bier, Jim
Bircher, Kay
Bister, Dorothee (Germany)
Blair, Bob
Bohn, Diana
Bombardieri, Giulio (Zurich)
Bono, Ireo (Italy)
Bornemann, Steve
Bossie, Robert
Boteler, Williams
Boyne, Jonathan
Bradley, Stephen
Brady, Sheila
Bricker, Dennis
Brincka, Frank
Briody, Edward
Broege, Hank
Brooks, Keith
Brussel, Morton
Brydges, Ron
Buntin, M. Catherine
Burr, Elizabeth
Burrill, Richard
Cage, Ray
Callman, Chico
Campbell, Therese
Carballo, Lindolfo
Cardozo Lira, George Adolfo (Caracas)
Carey, Susan
Carlson, David
Carroll, Phil
Carter, George
Catron, Joe
Cazeau, Louis (UK)
Chadwick, John
Childs, Courtney
Childs, Peter
Chishty, Shahid
Christian, Kathryn
Cioce, Gabriella (UK)
Coco, Jessica
Cooper, John
Cotterill, Peter Wood (UK)
Couchoud, Gérard (France)
Courtsal, Lyle
Cox, Alex
Crawford, Sharon
Crawshaw, Allan (Victoria, Canada)
Creswell, Richard
Crowley, Lawrence
Dagnall, Leslie
Damstrom, David
Daniel, Edwin
Darder, Antonia
Davis, Chandler (Canada)
Davis, Stuart
Davies, Nicolas
De Ley, Herman (Belgium)
Del Pra’, Michi (Italy)
Delaney, Bob
Dietrich, Michael G. (Switzerland)
Dillon, Sheila
Dincer, Gonul (Turkey)
Dismuke, Michael
Doulan, Beatrice
Draizen, Carol
Drescher, Linda
D’Souza, Neville
Echevarria, Carlos
Edinger, Iris
Elder, Pat
Emerson, Howard
Engler, Terry (Canada)
Exner, Vaclav (Czech Republic)
Fankhaenel, Jens (Chemnitz, Germany)
Farhat, Mazdak
Fesharaki, Nassy (Canada)
Feuille, Leslie
Flower, Marilyn
Fogel, Jerise
Forbes, Reese
Forrest, Stephen (UK)
Forthofer, Ronald
Fournier, Stephen
Foxe, Tom (UK)
Francesco, Caron (Canada)
Francis, Daniel
Frank. Libby
Fraser, John (Victoria, BC)
Frink, Gerald
Frohn, Joyce
Fudge, Clive (UK)
Gallaway, Kent
Galvan, Mario
Garcia, Mariam (Spain)
Garrison, Ann
Garvey, Lydia
Giese, Mark
Gickman, Rochelle
Gillis, Steven
Gilman, Daniel
Gilmartin, Steve
Glabinski, Stach (Poland)
Goeltz, Paul
Goff, Frances
Gold, Warren
Gordon, Ben
Gordon, Marcy
Gore, Arnold
Gorringe, Bob
Graf, Rosemary
Grieco, Mercy
Grohman, Paul
Gronowicz, Anthony
Grossman, Eldon
Guilliard, Joachim (Germany)
Guthrie, Elizabeth
Guttenberg, Marta
Hager, Lawrence
Haggard, Alan
Hallermayer, George (France)
Halliday, Michael
Hamlin, Mark
Hammermeister, Lisa
Hammond, Nancy
Hanna, Jeannette
Hanson , Phil
Harrison, Norma
Hartman, Michelle
Harlib, Amy
Harris, Freya
Harrison, Norma
Hart, Barry
Hasbun, Natalia
Hess, Carla
Hickey, Tim
Hicks-Severn, Percy
Higdon, Kirt
Higgins, Hollis
Hofer, Stefan (Switzerland)
Hoffman, Madelyn
Hollander, Roger
Hood, William (UK)
Hopgood, Mary Anne
Hoyt, Katherine
Humphrey, Barbara
Hunter, Eli
Ieroianni, Carmela. (Italy)
Imam, Bassam (Canada)
Ingham, Hep
Iogna Prat, Ivano (Luxembourg)
Ingham, Dennis
Irazaba, Clara
Irving, Chawki
Jääskeläinen, Julius (Finland)
Jacobs, Norma
James, Roger
Janus, Joan
Jeffrey, Monroe Edwin
Jenks, Vyonne
Johansson, Bo Erik (Sweden)
Johnson, Jean
Kahm, Justin
Kahn, Andrew
Kaihatsu, Chris
Kane, Richard (UK)
Karas, Claudia (Germany)
Karl, Frigga (Paris)
Kassaie-Van Ooyen, Sima (Germany)
Kawano, Arnold
Kelly, Kimberly
Kalsa, Dr. Mha Atma
Keller, Richard (New Zealand)
Keller, Sophia
Khalsa, Dr .Mha Atma
Kilmer, Martin
Kimberley, Margaret
Kimpel, Harold
Kinane, Ed
Klaus, Sue
Klein, James
Kleppe, Gary
Klingenburg-Vogel, Mechthil (Germany)
Knight, Daniel
Ko, Daeha
Koester, Martha
Kolassa, Michael
Koston, Chris
Kounias, Stratis (Greece)
Knebel, (Germany)
Knowles, Charles
Kravitz, Alexander
Kreft, Stefan (Germany)
Kruger, Gernot (France)
Kumar, Amitadyuti (India)
Kytzia, Stefan (Germany)
Lamb, F E
Ladson, Michael
Lahorgue, Frank
Larson, Elizabeth
Lebowitz, Jay
Lee, Deb
Leitner, Heinz (Vienna)
Lindemann, Kevin
Lindskoog, Verna
Liston, Guyl
Little, Kathryn
Lockard, Paul
Logan, Jonothan
Lowe, Patsy
Lorentzen, Robin
Lundkvist, Lars (Sweden)
Lyles, Nancy
Lynn, Andy
Lytle, Denise
Madnick, Neal
Mamdani, Tahara
Mandel, Melissa
Mann, John
Mars, Paul
Martin, David
Martinez, Romulo (Austria)
Marx, William
Massey, Eileen
Matthews, Milo
McElhill, Betty
McIntyre , Gayle (Canada)
McLaughlin, Robert
McNulty, Claudia
McRae, Susan (Canada)
Mealing, Rev. Mark (Canada)
Mecke, Ernst (Finland)
Melillo , Joe
Messina, Ronald
Meyer, Harold
Milliken, Gerry
Miller, Cyril (Canada)
Miller, John
Miller, Kerby
Mills, Eric (Toronto)
Mitchell, Anne
Mitchell, Brian
Mitchell, Jonathan
Miyake-Stoner, Robert
Moats, Michael
Moody, Don (Canada)
Moore, Barbara (Canada)
Mondel, Steven
Monson, Jeff (Moscow)
Mont-Eton, Jean
Morton, Dave
Motta, Michael
Muller, MaryAnne
Mundal, Guri (Norway)
Murphy, Tony
Murray, Richard
Muzaffa, Dr Chandra (Malaysia)
Navidi, Amador
Nayyar, Abdul
Nebauer, Karin (Germany)
Negron, Efrain
Nelson, Nancy Liela
Nelson, Jim
Nettleton, John
Neugebauer, Beate (Cologne, Germany)
Newton, Jane
Nichols, Charles
Nidess, Rael, MD
Novkov, Russell
Nguyen, Fred
Nuzum , Robert
Nyffenegger, Elisabeth (Switzerland)
O’Connell, Tom
Ohlinger, Merle
Olson, Sara
Palczynska, Anna (Canada)
Parker, Stephen
Parra, Dolores
Patch, Rachid
Pearson, Tia
Peppin, Richard
Phelan, Terry
Phillips, Millie
Piette, Joseph
Pikser, R. Pineda, Ccecile
Pino, Kateri (Canada)
Pla-Lopez, Rafael (Spain)
Pollick, Barbara
Pope, John
Post, Timothy
Priskil, Peter (Germany)
Radford, Daniel
Re, John
Redish, Maryellen
Rendle, Dave (UK)
Reyes, Jovanni
Richards, Paul
Rocks, Brent
Rodell, Deborah
Rodriguez, Gustavo (Switzerland)
Roland, Jelica (Croatia)
Rolde, David
Rolfsmeyer, Beverly
Roth, Erik
Ruby, Kenneth
Ruckl, Gunther
Rudolph, Peter
Sahandi, Javad (China)
Salgado, Natasha
Saunders, Andrea
Schiozzi , Guido
Schmitt-Burk, Eberhard (Germany)
Schmittauer, John
Schnabe, Erik
Schulze-Springer , Marie (Germany)
Schwartz, Bob
Scott, Frank
Scott, Susan
Seigel, Bob
Sempadian, Elizabeth
Serafin, Stan
Service, Roert
Shafi, Suhail
Shea, Brian
Sheahan, Maureen
Shango, Banbose
Sherk, Larry
Shirtliff , Ron (Canada)
Shlackman, Ty
Shoemaker, Lynn
Shpikula, Bill (Canada)
Silva, Victor (Portugal)
Siddiqi, Nauman
Siemering, Paul
Sima, Neysha
Simon, William
Singleton , Jon
Sirotof, Gregor
Smith, BrendaLee
Smith, Lauren-Mon
Smolinsky, Gerald
Snavel, William
Sorger, George (Canada)
Sprowls, David
Stachenfeld, Marilyn
Staggenborg, Rick
Stansbery, William
Stanton, Patrick
Steck, Burton
Stein, Pau
Stuart , Bob (Canada)
Studer, Maria
Swali, Don
Swanson, Roberta
Swanson, Gerald
Swanston, Adrian (Canada)
Stasheff, James
Taher, Ibrahim
Teich, Stephen
Terashima, Mikiko (Japan)
Thomas, Alan
Tishman, Fern
Tompkins, Terry
Thomas, Andrea
Thompson, Wendy
Tishman, Fern
Trampus, Heide (Canada)
Trimble, John
Turnbull, Douglas (Australia)
Turner , Jeanne
Tyrrell, John (UK)
Ulmer, Gene
Underfer , Dr
Van Leekwijck, Natalie (Belgium)
van Wijk, Mary
Vanhorn, Barbara
Varma, Rene (Canada)
Vatter, Sherry
Velásquez, Máximo
Vervaet, Luk (Belgium)
Vigna, Enrico (Torino) Speaker of Belgrade Forum in Italy
Vinton, Janine
Voiles, Gabriel
von Geldern, Ken
Vonenina /voahangy (Madagascar)
Voth, Theodore
Waayer, Sabrina (Netherlands)
Wager, Ray
Walker, Barbara
Warner, Jeff
Warner, Peter
Wee, David
Weisman, Eleanor
Weglarz, Gary
Wells, Christopher
Westby, Berit (Norway)
Whitt, Bill
Wichar , Den Mark
Williams, Glen
Williams, Terrie
Williams, William
Windberg, Thomas
Wingeier, Doug
Winslow, Charles
Wise, Steve
Wisniewski, Michael
Wolfe, Nanlouise
Wood, Edward
Wight, Nelson
Wynne, Joan
Yater, Jane
Zahller, Guy
Zweig, Lawrence (Germany)

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